The Hulk aka “Beast Mode”

When the fictional character, The Hulk, was first created in the early 60′s by Stan Lee, he was the first to admit that his vision was inspired by a combination of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and Frankenstein. Decades later, The Hulk has amassed a huge cult following and as each adaptation sways further and further from his original look, one thing remains certain: He’s still a super hero with an emotional and impulsive alter ego that can go from tame and well-behaved to a giant, raging terror that is triggered in an instant. The same can be said for Victor’s 1974 Toyota Corona. Although it doesn’t change in appearance as much as The Hulk has, his car is a literal reincarnation of it’s original body-type yet underneath the hood is a vicious 2JZ power-plant. Though tame upon start up, the nifty power to weight ratio on this build up creates Hulk-like power that will leave occupants firmly planted in their fart catchers and highly-respective and receptive to the use of seat belts. It’s a car with slow and conservative beginnings but with just a tap of the pedal it quickly becomes evident that The Hulk is no longer fictional and just like Frankenstein…it’s definitely alive.

The front mount intercooler and custom front chin spoilers offer advance warning that this car is not one to toy with.

Void of the chrome and “bling”, the motor swap is raw and unadulterated and perfect since the vehicle is used by Victor as a daily driver.

In the end, this car makes for a perfect daily commuter that’s both reliable and powerful. With that said, Victor is already in the process of working on a new project car that is sure to only compliment the fleet of vintage Toyota’s he owns. We’ll keep you posted on the new project!
















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