With looks that kill and a posture to envy, who in their right mind would want to change a damn thing on this car? Probably no one, but this certainly is not the case for Jaymie Lu. After owning the car for just a few months, she decided it was time for a change and opted to change the theme on her Misha Widebody SL. Having already undergone a few color swaps, Jaymie has already gone from Gold to Silver and then to a matte white wrap (as seen above), but after the Stormtoroper theme played itself old and redundant she opted to go with a more ominous color palette and decided to paint the car Mercedes Benz SLS red. In addition to going for a full color change, Jaymie also opted to have all the lines of the body kit cleaned up and perfectly matched to what was left of the stock body and we’re only a few weeks from seeing the end result. We’ll have more updates on jaw dropper so check back for more pictures and updates!