CENTER STAGE> Retrofitted Ranz Motorsports RX4

The term retrofit is defined as the replacing of existing parts, equipment, or systems with updated parts or systems. This 1974 Mazda RX4 is a perfect example of the concept.

My first glimpse of this ride didn’t come at a car show, as is usually the case. No, I actually saw a picture of this car on Facebook – a picture that my friend, June Masermsin, took at Wekfest in Long Beach where it won “Best of Show Overall” and “1st Place” in the Old School class. So, I guess a case could be made that a car show was technically where I saw the car – in a third party, social media-inspired and facilitated manner.

Technicalities aside, I immediately expressed an interest in shooting the ride and, the following week, I received a random text from a buddy of mine (who happens to be a childhood friend of the owner) informing me that the car was available for shooting the same day! How’s that for serendipity? (And, since I started by defining retrofit, wouldn’t it be nice if I kept the trend going by linking you to a definition of serendipity)? However, there was one caveat—I had exactly one hour to shoot the car.  So, what was an enterprising photographer to do? Take a look!

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