Stanley Kubrick‚Äôs A Clockwork Orange is a film synonymous with controversy and change and while the film found itself subject to plenty of criticism and naysayers it changed films in a big way and still carries an echo of importance beyond it’s release in the 70′s. In the end, the film still remains relevant today and it’s the soul of the film and the controversial message that makes it a legendary film. In striking comparison – at least in the automotive arena – we decided to build a vintage Mazda RX4 along the same lines of old school relativity fused with a soul that was timeless and the result was “Clockwork Orange,” a 1974 Mazda RX4 that challenged the rules of car customizing while sparking a fuse amidst Rotary Lovers all across the world. With altered body lines, a stainless steel custom rear widebody and the use of parts from Lexus, Nissan and even Corvette – this amalgam of steel comes together as a vehicle that fuses old with the new.

When Randy Hor, first came up with the conceptual feat it was questioned, scoffed at and even doubted but after a meager four months the reality of his dream is one which still stirs controversy while creating converts to his build. Just like the movie itself, Clockwork has amassed a huge cult following of fans on an international level and while some remain salty about the transplant, many others have now shared the vision and admire the true beauty of a car from the 70′s loaded with the luxurious ammenities and technologies of today.

A full spec sheet and detailed pictures will follow so again, thank you for visiting our site and helping make us what we are today.