Just like the Dark Knight was a based on the character of Batman, we wanted to create a build which contained the stealthy presence of Batman’s toys but infuse it with the sinister appeal of the Joker.  Why? We were intrigued with the clean looks of going all black yet wanted a twist that would mimic the Jokers desire to twist social order – except our twist would be in an automotive fashion. With that said, our 197 6 Toyota Celica was created. Some have dubbed our creation as Japan’s vintage “Muscle” but we just like to call it The Dark Knight aka The SICK2K.

To help carry over the Honda-centric soul of this 1977 Toyota Celica, Randy also decided to install the factory Honda S2000 seats as well as the digital instrument cluster.

Of course the build wouldn’t be complete without the push button start and interestingly enough, that seemingly simple project required that he install the ignition unit into a factory Honda to have it programmed and the dealer – only to have to bring it back to his shop to reinstall the unit.

Starting off with a rusted and beat up chassis, our team re crafted and restored this vintage ’77 Toyota to what is today – a testament of old school flavor mixed with new age technology. The body lines of the Celica have been modified, we incorporated the use of Japanese front bumpers and installed a host of knick knacks that make this build a knock out sensation in the import scene.  At first glance the Celica might look like simple but our concept for this build was to build beauty out of simplicity and the attention to detail is what kills the crowd. Powered by a Honda S2000 motor and transmission, this brute beast comes complete with push button ignition, digital gauge cluster (also from the S2000) and a laundry list of so much more. Some have questioned the use of the S2000 power plant and recommended that we stay with the 18RG but in the end we wanted something different while creating a build that was unquestionably unique and different. With that said, many have still frowned upon the decision to do so but in the end all we have to say is, “Why so serious?”